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Engagements with clients range from just a few days’ consultancy, through to over a decade of ongoing support.


Free Introduction

To know if we have something of interest for you, we recommend that we spin up a demo platform; as we navigate through the capabilities we’ll give you an understanding of why we recommend ISMS.Online. It takes about an hour or two and we can talk through the challenges you face and see if they can be eased. As you’ll see when we meet – we aren’t sales people. Consider us as ‘enthusiasts’ – we are people like you who face the daily challenges of managing (increasingly) complex compliance matters. We advocate what we’ve learned, applied, and know is successful and we believe we have a good chance of helping you.

Migration to ISMS.Online Compliance Management System

We have a staged migration approach and it works. You can tailor the assistance you require and during which stages. We can be used for light-touch guidance or to oversee the majority of the work for you.

Stage One: Introduction

A detailed understanding of the product. What are the available options for deployment and configuration?

Stage Two: Discovery

We’ll need to understand how you manage compliance today. What are the standards, frameworks, contracts and other requirements you need to meet? What are your current controls? What logical and geographical boundaries exist in how you manage compliance? Who is involved? What issues do you have today?

Stage Three: Design

You’ll now be familiar with the product, and we’ll understand how you currently work. We now need to build the approach in ISMS.Online that will work for you. What should the global settings be? What user workflow is appropriate? How should the hierarchy of data be established so that it prevents duplicating of work? What taxonomy will work that is effective for searching, reporting, and delegating activity? We’ll develop the approach with you.

Stage Four: Deploy

We’ll now be ready to implement and build out the solution. When you are confident the design will work for you, it’s simply a matter of completing the deployment. The complex work has already been done.

Stage Five: Administration, Reporting and Audit

The routine activity that is required to maintain the system. We’ll design the metric and reporting dashboards with you. We’ll take you through how easy it is to support your auditors.

Stage Six: Additional Scopes

Most companies are now managing to multiple standards, many of which have overlapping and common requirements. Mapping linkages between the standards reduces duplication and management burden. We will have discussed this at the Design stage, and will now be ready to implement these additional scopes with you.

Ongoing Support

At this point, all clients will be independent and have a system that is fully operational. Many clients retain our services for ad-hoc support or further project engagements.


Consultancy Services

Future Six specialise in the area of Information Security and Privacy. We offer our experience to help you build effective controls and processes that enable you to meet your requirements. We can support any standard you may need we can design and build this in ISMS.Online.

Whether it’s assistance in building an Acceptable Use Policy, a Business Continuity Plan (incl pandemic plan), assistance in maturing your Change or Incident Management process, or just general guidance on security matters, Future Six can assist.

Need more details? Contact us.

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our contact form.

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