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Why Future Six?

•An accessible team – those you meet are those who will do the work.

•Flexible, targeted, delivering where you need us.

•Extremely successful, having never failed a client.

•Broad coverage of skills in-house and access to specialist associates.

•Our references are our best advertisement, and that’s our (achieved!) aim with every client.

•We satisfy the requirements of some of the largest and most demanding organisations in the world.

•Retained after certification.

•Helping achieve security compliance and certification … and build better businesses.


Client 1

“We had established a company objective to achieve ISO27001 and had just come off a failed project engagement with another supplier leaving us short on time to achieve certification by the deadline we had set.

Future Six were able to quickly inject momentum and a clear sense of direction to the project. Throughout the project it never felt that Future Six were ‘just’ seeking to achieve ISO27001, they were delivering change that would establish an ongoing legacy. This took experience, time to learn who we were and what we had, and building on that to develop an appropriate way forward. A cookie cutter approach would not work.


The transition to BAU was seamless and on our anniversary of achieving ISO27001 I can confidently say we are now a stronger organisation. We continue to enjoy working with Future Six as they audit and develop our ISMS.”

Client 2

“The journey to a real, certified, secure business is hard. There are a lot of practical things you need to do, many not known or understood at the start of the journey. Future Six are experts and that really helps bridge the understanding gap and makes the practical stuff much easier to get sorted. The real advantage of using Future Six is that as well as their knowledge you get their experience and empathy. They know that the easiest way to embed security is through the people, they also understand how to work with an organisation, from the shop floor to the exec team, to ensure that the change the people need to go through is supported, encouraged, understood and ultimately improves the business.


Working with Future Six for the last decade has been a really positive experience for us. Security is now at the heart of everything we do, and we are a better business for it. Our success has much to do with the way Future Six stood alongside us as we dealt with challenges and difficult decisions.”

Client 3

“We are a scale up phase, AI startup, with a great product, and we’re growing fast. As part of our scale up phase we are putting in place the right security accreditations to satisfy our global enterprise customers. We plan to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation in the first phase of this information security programme, and ISO27001 certification in the next phase.


We chose to work with Future Six to support and guide our journey. They are flexible, pragmatic and have the right range of skills available to work with us. They bring a wealth of experience and examples of good practice to accelerate the process. They have impressed both our business leaders and our technical teams, and inspired confidence in our ability to achieve our targets at the right pace whilst helping us create the change necessary.

The heart of our auditing and compliance is our GRC system. This enables us to manage multiple compliance requirements – CE+, ISO27001, as well as specific customer requirements – and will form the core of our ongoing compliance management and auditing solution.”

Client 4

“I worked closely with Future Six throughout the ISO27001 project and have continued working with them following certification …

The project management oversight they provided allowed our teams to just focus on what needed to be done, while Future Six shaped the bigger picture and moved us all to the shared ISO27001 goal.

They were able to provide recommendations of several suppliers and technology solutions that could augment what we had already, many of which we have implemented and continue to use. The guidance was clearly unbiased and came from experience. Of particular note is Future Six's ability to clearly understand complex technical topics and "how we work with our tools" and provide mapping to adapt our business into existing standards, this skill only comes from their vast experience and is a testament to their flexibility and competency …


Future Six have made a positive difference to our technical delivery capability and I would not hesitate to work with them again.”

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